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Embellished Paired Bangle
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Nikasha is a leading Indian luxury label that has been able to garner a lot of attention, owing to the unique Indian-ness that her pieces have. This label is synonymous with luxurious pieces that are contemporary with a hint of the rich Indian traditions and heritage. The label uses quality fabrics and materials in their creations and has pieces in evening style, resort-style and bridal style. Every piece from this label is an amalgamation of delicate and detailed embroideries and other details. The label is seen on many leading names in the fashion industry. Patrons can shop for Designer Gowns for Girls, womenswear as well as accessories from this label. The label’s accessories such as bangles, chokers, clutches, etc are quite popular among women of all ages.


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Bangles have been an indispensable part of Indian culture. Considered a symbol of married life, the bangles of today have evolved and are not just symbolic of a married woman. It has today become a style statement on its own. The bangles from this label are an intricate work of art and will become keepsake pieces. Nikasha designer bangles are the perfect blend of the East and the West and you will find bangles that have influences from the western world as well as Indian heritage. The aesthetically designed bangles from this label will complement your outfit and will make your wrists the center of attention. The eye-catching bangles from the label will also act as a conversation starter. Take your pick from embellished bangles with ruffles or exquisite embroidery or others. Pair your simple Indian outfit with an embellished bangle pair from this label and make the whole outfit shine or shop for ivory printed ruffle bangles that go perfectly with both Indian as well as fusion wear. Designed to enhance the delicate wrist, the bangles add a stylish glow to any outfit and will make a standout addition to your bangle collection. The beaded details and the ruffles in the bangles will ornate your wrists without much effort. You can also shop designer western necklace, Scarves by Nikasha. Check out Luxury Home Decor