5th february 2016



I have read somewhere, “I love the person I've become because I fought to become her”. It's so true , in life everyone crossing your path is meant to add some value to your existence. I marked my journey by starting from National Institute of Fashion Technology to living in Bangalore for almost four years then moving to my first freelance graphic project to getting a job at one of the biggest fashion houses in India - The House of Valaya.

After my job at JJ Valaya, I was quite out of order. I felt directionless & wanted to re-invent my passion for my creative boundaries. So I went back to where it all started from. A matchbox size room, my small creative den on the terrace covering the horizon of the sky that kept me motivated everyday to be better at what I do, to dream & to create my version of a perfect life. After all these experiences, something really beautiful happened to me right when it was least expected.

I happened to come across an etherial collection that I remember eyeing at the Amazon India Fashion Week - Autumn/Winter'15. The collection was so boho-chic with clean silhouettes, striking reds & a beautiful cherry blossom print that caught my attention instantly. For the very first time in my life I felt like wearing a red outfit! Through my research I finally found – Nikasha!

Fortunately, I got a chance as a potential freelancer to do a total uplifting of the current brand. As we spoke it was clear that our vision is pretty much on the same frequency. In no time, I was working at Nikasha as the brand manager & the journey has been beautiful ever since. It is empowering to be mentored by such a strong lady. It's almost been a year & I must say it is surprising to find someone like Nikasha in this industry who truly respects creativity & most importantly encourages the growth of her employees. 

Coming back to my fashion diary, I absolutely adore this one shoulder ombre fringed dress from Nikasha's latest Winter/Festive'15 collection - Indira et Amrita. "This collection is an interpretation of the imagined life of the sisters - Indira et Amrita, had they been alive today! I was excited to showcase a visual representation of a whole new way of life - a life of progressive modernity, leisure and luxury!!” - Nikasha

A fascinating combination of east and west comes together. The designer has woven together the characteristics of both Amrita and Indira to create inspiring outfits. The predominant highlights of this collection included art deco elements like chic geometrical patterns to vintage lily of the valley, to scallops and cherry blossom prints. One can easily see the extravagant detail elements like fringes and hand-embroidery brought into life using elegant crystals and pearls. The signature hand embroidered crescent moon typical to the 1920’s simply blended beautifully in the collection.

This blog post is dedicated to my lovely lady - Nikasha! Thank you for being so encouraging & wonderful.