5th february 2016 


Love - Faith - Subconscious


This post is too personal but i guess it's time I let this out of my subconscious mind & put it out there for some of us to relate to this feeling. 

I have always felt like I have more than one side to myself, which i guess is normal. There are times that the biggest of things don't affect me as much & times when the smallest heartbreaks add massively to my life. The most beautiful thing about this whole process is you keep a part of everyone you meet in life. Every human adds to the final version of you which actually evolves like seasons. It's the most beautiful thing to have those endless conversations & sleepless nights exploring different tangents of another's soul. 

I dream of travelling across the globe to learn about more of our kind. To experience different cultures, maybe someday I could live like a carefree Parisian girl & some days like a traditional Indian princess. I have a selfish interest, to grow more by extracting beauty & love wherever I go. . . . 

It's time to create my own version of a beautiful perfect life, a luxurious fulfilling new experience that I can hold on to, now & forever.