5th february 2016



This world is coming to a point where everything is make-belief and people are becoming more and more materialistic by the day. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the daily monotonous routine this blog is the beginning of my alternate life where I can be a carefree parisian, play around with the things I like and be whom i have always wanted to be. I have a vision to get inspired by fashion, cultures and traditions from around the world, add my perspective to it and create unique visuals which can inspire others around me. A diaphanous is a peony's segment where i bring my perspective to life. 

The idea is to create, recreate , improvise, to be who i want to be, fly as high as i want to, but always stay rooted to the ground. Its a never ending affair with unusual 
beauty, discovering exciting stories & creating magic by translating my intangible thoughts into a visually enchanting graphic journal.