5th June, 2016

“In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest
where no - one sees you but, sometimes, I do and that sight becomes this art.” 

- Rumi

A subjective trance of love and light. The love for purity and simplicity that tessellates into a beautiful feminine
form for a woman who likes to portray a reflection of simplicity in its purest form, which gradually eclipses into modernity. 

Noor is a luxurious blend of ethnic inspirations picked from different cultures & modern elements derived to give a
spin on the ordinary making her worldly aware and empowered. 

The use of khadi, antique beads, cowry shells, katha embroidery, traditional block print reflect a unique merge of
cultural, ethnic and temporal boundaries. In hues of red, potent black and raw khadi, this collection enables
revolutionising simple art- to refract a woman’s own light to the world… the very essence of her being.
Each silhouette is carefully crafted with the brand’s signature aesthetic of creating a form that
is feminine, glamorous, unique and simply miraculous.