10th June, 2016

“A way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done”

We grew up hearing tales of great valour and courage of Gandhi ji in school. From fighting for our country
to spinning Khadi, he inspired us in many ways. That’s where this story begins, pictures of thin white luscious cotton
being spun under large old banyan trees on the river banks, Tagore and Vaishanvo Janato playing somewhere in
the afternoon sun. The movie was replaying itself many times around in the Nikasha landscape. 
As our brand grows older, we begin to see the vastness of our country’s legacy, the commitment to sustain
our stories and stay true to our uniqueness. Mode was a culmination of our desire to go back to our roots,
work with our weavers to spin modern and contextual collections. 
We have worked on these collections to bring out the artisan elements in each piece, handcrafted from ageing the mirrors,
braiding the fabric, hand stitched tassels with earthy embellishments like shells and coral beads.
The silhouettes are modern and simple with great detail and made entirely in khadi. We hope you enjoy
our small tribute to our weavers and help us grow this enterprise from strength to strength.